Session S53a (Tuesday, 9:30am, Wartik 108)

P467: An exploration of students’ attitudes and knowledge in a redesigned GOB chemistry course

Corina E. Brown, Jack Barbera, Richard Hyslop (University of Northern Colorado, USA)

In this study we explored the attitudes and knowledge of students enrolled in a GOB course, as a result of several interventions. The course was redesigned based on topics deemed relevant to nursing clinical practice.  A list of topics important to nursing clinical practice was formulated based on interviews and a survey with experts. Also, pedagogies including cooperative learning groups, teaching with applications, and allied-health related guest speakers were adopted in the course.  Students’ changes in attitudes about chemistry and their learning environments were evaluated through a survey – The Attitude toward the Subject of Chemistry Inventory (ASCI) – which was administered at the beginning and the end of the semester. The survey was followed by in depth interviews with a fraction of the students. Students’ knowledge at the end of the course was evaluated by using a GOB chemistry topic inventory instrument developed by the researchers.


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