Session S53a (Tuesday, 9:30am, Wartik 108)

P471: Are we there yet? - Evolution of the ideal GOB course

Joanne Billmers (The College of New Jersey, USA)

A single semester GOB course was born in 2004 at The College of New Jersey to service all freshman BS Nursing majors. This presentation provides a behind-the-scenes look at evolutionary stages in course development resulting from modifications based on cognitive science, popular culture and best practices in pedagogical research. It is a story of hard knocks, tough love, bad luck, worse decisions, leaps of faith and inch-by-inch progress toward the perfect GOB course able to transform every ordinary student into an extraordinary professional. A long list of shortcuts and small changes with big payoffs will be offered, along with a reflective perspective on the roles which instructors, institutions, students and modern society play in shaping an educational ideal.


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