Session S51a (Tuesday, 9:30am, Thomas 118)

P476: Multilevel approach to an introductory chemistry electronic text for non-science majors

Conrad Trumbore (University of Delaware, USA)

A non-science major electronic text will be discussed that introduces chemical principles using a need-to-know format as an option. Basic block units contain interactive animations and closely related, computer-graded questions that often require the student to revisit the animation. Block units are preceded by text passages that contain introductions to the concepts illustrated by the block animations. A wide diversity of educational preferences, abilities, and backgrounds presents a severe challenge to authors who wish to satisfy the text needs of both faculty and non-science major students. Our approach is to offer multiple levels of sophistication by creating a basic, relatively low-level text containing numerous web links and animation/question block units. Each of these web links reveals a page with increased sophistication level material, including more animation/question units. In many cases, this higher-level page will contain web links to even higher-level material or to advanced subject treatments on the Web.


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