Session S51a (Tuesday, 9:30am, Thomas 118)

P479: Flipping the general chemistry classroom

Matthew Stoltzfus (Ohio State University, USA)

With the increasing popularity of Salman Kahn’s Kahn Academy, the concept of flipping the classroom has been gaining momentum in classrooms ranging from K-12 to higher education. By recording traditional lecture content and effectively organizing these videos on a website ( for students to view before class, the classroom environment can be transformed into an environment to facilitate problem solving and critical thinking skills.  This presentation will share best-practices gathered after several iterations of a flipped classroom in a large-scale general chemistry lecture class (N > 300). Before class the students are required to watch the lecture videos and perform pre-lecture tutorial assignments on Mastering Chemistry, during class the students answer “clicker questions” on their cell phones using, and after class the students are able to use Mastering Chemistry to redo questions similar in nature to the in-class questions. Pre-lab and report questions are also integrated into the pre-lecture assignments to better integrate the lab and lecture portions of the course. A comparison of class results of flipped vs. non-flipped environments will also be discussed. Details on the flipped general chemistry class can be found here:


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