Session S51a (Tuesday, 9:30am, Thomas 118)

P480: Flipped classroom for mastery learning

Chris Luker (Highland High School, USA)

The “flipped” classroom has received much attention recently among educators as an innovative method to improve instruction in order to make the classroom more student-centered.    By effectively using technology to incorporate the flipped classroom approach, online learning environments and techniques, and web resources, the traditional approach to student learning can be turned upside down.  Although many opportunities for changing student learning surface in a flipped setting, one particular method focuses of having all students demonstrate mastery. The mastery learning method has early roots in Benjamin Bloom’s work and is one of the most effective learning strategies; yet, it is not frequently employed.  My current high school chemistry classroom has incorporated such an approach and the student response has been promising.  The focus of the presentation will be to share the successes, failures, and future implications of establishing a mastery-based chemistry course.


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