Session S36b (Tuesday, 2pm, Life Sciences 009)

P490: Influence of PBL on students’ attitude and self efficacy towards chemistry

Lloyd Mataka, Kelley Becker, Megan Grunert (Western Michigan University, USA)

This study will determine the influence of teaching a general chemistry laboratory using problem based learning (PBL) on students’ attitude and chemistry self efficacy. The students in this study are enrolled in general chemistry I and II (CHEM 1110 and CHEM 1130 respectively) laboratories at a Mid-Western university in the USA in spring 2012. Four CHEM 1110 sections and three CHEM 1130 sections are implementing PBL and thus are treatment groups. Another four groups from CHEM 1110 and three groups from CHEM 1130 are control groups. Instructors will use PBL teaching/learning strategy for selected units in the treatment sections and conventional methods in the control sections. This study will report preliminary results obtained using “Chemistry Attitudes and Experience Questionnaire (CAEQ)” followed by semi-structured interviews. The outcome from this research will inform the successful implementation of PBL laboratory units at this and other large state universities.


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