Session S37b (Tuesday, 2pm, Mueller 008)

P493: Introductory seminars to prepare students to participate in STEM research

Joe March, Alan Eberhart, Diane Tucker (University of Alabama – Birmingham, USA)

An introductory seminar has been developed for students participating in UAB’s Science and Technology Honors Program that introduces students to research approaches through readings, discussions, and workshops.  The seminar presents formal introduction to the scientific literature using Hoskin’s CREATE approach.  In this approach, students use multiple techniques to identify the parts of papers from the primary literature.  Techniques include concept mapping, cartooning, critiquing, and predicting outcomes.  Informal instruction included discussing current public policy themes related to science, the types of research environments, faculty expectations, and career goals.   This presentation will introduce the activities included in the seminar, present data collected using student survey instruments, and observations related to the participation of students in undergraduate research.


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