Session S41b (Tuesday, 2pm, Wartik 110)

P506: Algorithmic approach to teaching structure elucidation to undergraduate organic students

Simeon Martinus (University of Pittsburgh – Johnstown, USA)

The nebulous nature of structure elucidation causes many an undergraduate organic student to tremble in fear.  Identifying, compiling and evaluating information from multiple sources often overwhelms them.  Providing an algorithmic approach that breaks down the process into parts allows students to focus on one task at a time, decreasing the opportunity for confusion and increasing the chance of a successful outcome.  The first four steps of this more structured approach focus on the analyses of the mass, infrared, proton and carbon spectra.  In each step, specific data is looked for and identified.  Step five requires a listing of pieces generated in the first four steps along with the masses of each piece.  The final step is the proposed structure.  This presentation will provide the framework for each of the six steps as well a demonstration of a few examples.


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