Session S42b (Tuesday, 2pm, CHEM 102)

P514: Incorporating environmental topics into instrumental analysis: A service learning approach

Kent Clinger (Lipscomb University, USA)

Smaller schools often have courses which must satisfy a variety of needs.  At Lipscomb University Instrumental Analysis has long been part of the curriculum for environmental science majors.  This has led to efforts to balance the curriculum between the needs of pre-professional and other students as well as the interests of the environmental students.  With the advent of a university-wide service learning requirement, an environmental service learning component was incorporated into the instrumental analysis laboratory.  Due to the convenience of a State Natural Area only a few minutes away, a partnership was created whereby instrumental students would analyze lake and stream water from the State Natural Area.  The students participated in environmental sampling and preservation, and learned to use ICP-ES and ion chromatography by analyzing for several common metals by ICP and the common anions by IC.  Continuing and expanding this partnership in the coming years is planned.


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