Session S45b (Tuesday, 2pm, Wartik 106)

P524: AVATAR: A vertical alignment process of chemistry curriculum among high school, community college, and university instructors

Kristin Sherman (University of North Texas, USA)

In 2011, Texas implemented the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS), a set of standards that addresses multiple areas of readiness and content knowledge for high school students to master before attending a college or university.  One of the results of the writing and implementation of these standards is the increased communication between high schools, colleges, and universities on what and when to teach content and skills in their courses.  The Academic Vertical Alignment Training and Renewal (AVATAR) project is a pilot project that is designing a process for effective communication among high schools, colleges, and universities. We hope that this process results in vertical alignment of curriculum as students move from high school chemistry (required in Texas) to college-level chemistry and better understanding by instructors at all three levels of the skills and knowledge students should bring with them when they move to an advanced level of chemistry.


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