Session S45b (Tuesday, 2pm, Wartik 106)

P525: Building connections through mentorship and other activities

Karen Kaleuati (American Chemical Society, USA), Carmen Gauthier (Florida Southern College, USA), Cheryl Pierce (Lakeland High School, USA)

High school teachers in college towns often don’t take advantage of the wealth of knowledge available to them.  When they do, the students from both the college and the high school start to learn and have fun.  One of the advantages of partnering with a college is that high school students are able to use the lab equipment that most high schools cannot afford.  Another advantage is mentorship.  The chemistry majors become mentors to the high school students, and show their passion.  This passion in chemistry encourages many of the high school students to consider chemistry as a major when they attend college.  The ACS ChemClub tries to promote these partnerships by offering schools additional grant money when high school teachers work with a college/university chemistry group.  Participants will hear from a high school teacher and college professor who have worked together for many years and why their collaboration works.


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