Session S47b (Tuesday, 2pm, Osmond 101)

P540: Sustainable assessment: the impact on faculty and students

Greg Muth (St. Olaf College, USA)

This paper will cover, in part, the process of implementing meaningful and manageable assessment strategies within the General Education curriculum at St. Olaf College over the past five years.  Committee work at the institutional level, individually scrutinizing the content of each course and how it intentionally addressed the Intended Learning Outcomes for its assigned General Education attribute, resulted in a more uniform, more thoughtful approach to the general education curriculum college wide and served as a model for sustainable assessment.    What impact did the sustainable assessment model have on the individual faculty member and the students?  The paper presents results and strategies from a 300-level biochemistry course where the assessment task assigned by the Evaluation and Assessment Office had minimal impact on faculty workload and resulted in meaningful impacts on teaching and learning.


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