Session S25d (Tuesday, 2pm, Thomas 104)

P547: Pedagogical issues in the teaching and learning of chemistry in Nigeria

Oluwatola Omoregie (University of Ibadan, Nigeria)

Every course has its distinctive nature of teaching and learning. While there are general methods of teaching and learning, this study identified structuralism as the unique approach of teaching Chemistry in Nigerian Secondary Schools. Earlier studies showed that physiological and psychological factors affect chemistry students’ academic performance.  However, interviews with students who did not pass chemistry or withdrew from their chosen career courses in University education found out that topics like Identification of unknown inorganic salts and volumetric analysis were badly taught in their secondary school experiences.  This study recommended how chemistry as a whole and the specific topics can be taught in secondary schools despite a dearth of laboratories.  It concluded by stating the values of training in methodology and recommended continuing pedagogical training for those who have the duty of teaching chemistry at all educational institutions especially in Nigeria.


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