Session S25d (Tuesday, 2pm, Thomas 104)

P549: Beginning chemistry teachers' use of the triplet relationship

Krista Adams (University of Nebraska – Lincoln, USA)

Shulman (1986) described pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) as the most powerful analogies, demonstrations, and examples that make the content understandable to a specific group of students. Often these representations in the chemistry classroom engage students in the negotiation of three components: the macro, the submicro/particulate, and the symbolic. However, there is a dearth of research on how the secondary chemistry teacher represents the triplet relationship in the classroom. This quantitative study examined eight beginning chemistry teachers depiction of the chemistry content through the triplet relationship during the first three years in the classroom. Using a researcher-designed triplet rubric, the representations from classroom observations, monthly interviews, PCK interviews, and artifacts were analyzed. Along with the validity of the rubric, the statistical analysis of the quantitative data will be presented.


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