Session S26c (Tuesday, 2pm, Thomas 215)

P554: Mastery Learning Model: New approach to undergraduate chemistry laboratory

Ana Fraiman, Ngan Tran (Northeastern Illinois University, USA)

Laboratory is the core of undergraduate chemistry, especially for courses like General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. In traditional laboratory experiment, students follow certain detailed procedures with certain lab results expectation as described in the manual. Mastery Learning Model was applied to Organic Chemistry II course. The model was first introduced to students by presenting them with the reaction to be performed, the reactants of the reaction, and different reagents. The students designed the actual lab through discussions among the group. They reported their results using chem-wiki, where they were able to evaluate the different results of the experiments, and to reflect on their work.

The students were given assessment questions, including self-assessment to evaluate the degree of knowledge, contribution and challenges they experienced from the new designed lab. The success of applying Master Learning Model into the laboratory can open a new effective way in undergraduate chemistry laboratory teaching.


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