Session S26c (Tuesday, 2pm, Thomas 215)

P555: Student-centered learning in the chemistry laboratory: the POGIL approach

Frank Creegan (Washington College, USA)

The POGIL laboratory is one in which students, in advance of any classroom work on underlying principles, conduct experiments rather than exercises that verify previously taught principles.  In a pre-experiment session the instructor poses a Question of the Day and students propose a set of tentative answers.  To test these hypotheses, students run reactions and/or collect data, which are pooled and then analyzed with the aid of in-laboratory and post-experiment or post-laboratory guided inquiry questions.  The format for the laboratory is similar to that of the POGIL classroom in that students work in self-managed groups with members having well defined roles. The experiments follow a three-stage learning cycle composed of an exploration phase (E), concept  invention phase (I)l and application phase (A).  This presentation will use several experiments to illustrate the use of this student-centered approach.


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