Session S26c (Tuesday, 2pm, Thomas 215)

P557: Mapping the learning cycle: Implementing POGIL pedagogy in a collaborative research project for undergraduates

Gail Webster, Anne Glenn, Robert Whitnell (Guilford College, USA)

Guilford College chemistry students become adept at working in teams throughout many of their courses because we use process-oriented guided inquiry learning (POGIL) methods throughout our chemistry curriculum. Our innovative Integrated Laboratory course places students from introductory through advanced chemistry courses into research teams where they begin to develop the skills necessary to do independent chemical research. Each student team develops an independent research project based on a topic chosen by the faculty. Recent topics include chemiluminescence, palladium cross-coupling reactions, and supramolecular chemistry. We describe how the structure of Integrated Laboratory allows the research team to progress through the learning cycle as they develop their original research and how this experience expands on targeted process skills developed in earlier class work. We demonstrate the acquisition of content, process and research skills through examples of student projects, faculty evaluation of student projects, and reflections of Integrated Laboratory alumni.


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