Session S26c (Tuesday, 2pm, Thomas 215)

P558: POGIL-Science Writing Heuristic(SWH) hybrid experiments in introductory organic laboratory

Dan Libby (Moravian College, USA)

For the last three years, I have been using hybrid POGIL/SWH experiments in my organic laboratory.  My approach employs large student-acquired data sets and helps students learn course content, data processing skills and scientific writing skills while they are acquiring laboratory techniques.  Each experiment starts with a question and requires students to propose types of laboratory data to answer it; students also submit an electronic pre-lab assignment to assess their understanding of fundamental concepts.  In a pre-laboratory discussion students develop a general outline of the data needed.  They then receive a workable procedure for collecting the required data.  In the laboratory each student individually collects part of the data.  Class data are pooled electronically and a post lab discussion helps the students explore various ways to organize and interpret the total data set in preparation for writing a detailed report.  The presentation will discuss my approach and two specific experiments.


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