Session S26c (Tuesday, 2pm, Thomas 215)

P560: Incorporating the Science Writing Heuristic across the chemistry curriculum

Steven Gravelle, Matthew Fisher (Saint Vincent College, USA)

The Science Writing Heuristic (SWH) has been used in many of the chemistry major laboratory courses at Saint Vincent College since 2005.  These courses range from freshman-level General Chemistry to our junior-level Advanced Physical Methods.  We have incorporated it across a broad range of courses because (1) it is a “writing to learn” strategy that helps our students to focus on the science underlying the laboratories, (2) it provides a more inquiry-based structure in our laboratories and (3) it helps the students develop the habits of mind necessary for developing a successful senior research project.  We will provide examples of ways that we emphasize different components of the SWH in the various laboratory courses to help the students evolve in their approach to scientific thinking and problem solving.  We will also provide preliminary evidence of how other faculty and students have responded to this approach.


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