Session S52 (Tuesday, 2pm, Thomas 121)

P561: Cognitive tools for science learning

Sylvia Esjornson (Southwestern Oklahoma State University, USA)

The chemistry course Cognitive Tools for Science Learning is designed to facilitate the transition of adolescent high achievers to competent adult learners in the science disciplines.  Students become familiar with current understanding of brain function and its physiology by reading secondary and tertiary literature.  Students learn about and apply ideas about thinking and thought processes from theory and research so that they improve their problem-solving strategies and learning techniques.  Students adopt techniques of self-regulation in the study process related to how to learn from chemistry homework, how to learn from flashcards, and how to improve skills in skimming and summarizing.  Students practice intellectual skills and motor skills with the aim of increased efficiency in working memory capacity and mental processing speed.  The course has been taught for two terms, and this talk will give preliminary findings of student response to the information it presents.


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