Session S52 (Tuesday, 2pm, Thomas 121)

P566: Self-assessment and differentiated exercising: A promising combination for test preparation

Thomas Waitz (Georg-August-University Goettingen, Germany)

This contribution reports on a case study about integrating self-assessment questionnaires in differentiated exercising as preparation for a chemistry exam on acids, lyes and salts. The underlying question was, whether the combination of self-assessment and differentiated exercising delivers an appropriate set up for students to effectively and individually plan their exercising. By using self-assessment questionnaires secondary students were asked to self-assess their proficiency levels regarding the subject matter in three dimensions – reproduction, application and transfer. Based on their self-assessment, the students had to choose amongst different exercises which – in their opinion – supported them best in increasing their proficiency. At the end of the practice period the students had to re-assess their proficiency levels using the same questionnaires. The results achieved in a final exam are contrasted with the student’s self-assessments. Analysis of the data shows high correlation between self-assessment and results in the upper as well as in the average performance range. In the lower performance range considerable differences between results and self-assessment regarding the dimensions application and transfer are found. Evaluation of the interviews shows, that the students attributed both, high effectiveness of the training process and high transparency of expectations to the concept. Overall, the study indicates that the combination of self-assessment and differentiated exercising seems to be a promising concept for student’s self-organized learning.


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