Session S52 (Tuesday, 2pm, Thomas 121)

P567: Scaffolding student studying and self-assessment using

Carrie Shepler, Cianán Russell (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

A surprising number of students never review exams after receiving them back to see what they missed, much less reflect on how their approach to exam preparation correlates to exam performance.  In this study, “exam wrappers” were used as a post-exam self-reflection tool for students to evaluate their study processes.  An exam wrapper is a tool designed to encourage students to think about their studying habits, what types of questions they missed, and how they would like to change their approach for the next exam. Students also have the opportunity to provide the instructor with feedback on their needs in the exam wrapper. Students were encouraged to review each exam wrapper prior to the next exam. This talk will discuss student responses on the exam wrappers, how these responses changed across the semester, and how student responses on the exam wrapper correlate with course exam performance.


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