Session S52 (Tuesday, 2pm, Thomas 121)

P568: Investigation of the perceived value of degree skills by chemistry undergraduates

Kyle Galloway (University of Nottingham, UK)

Most chemistry students do not proceed on to a chemistry research career after graduation.  In 2009 only 17.1% of U.K. chemistry graduates continued to employment as scientific research professionals.  This highlights the need for graduates to have relevant transferable skills, rather than just the subject-specific knowledge that they would be expected to possess.  In 2010 Hanson and Overton published a study on the skills valued by U.K. graduates who had found employment and then reflected on the most useful aspects of the degree course.  The new investigation reported here expands on this previous work by evaluating the perceived value of these skills by current chemistry undergraduates at the University of Nottingham, along with their planned occupation after graduation.  The results of the skills questionnaire will be discussed, along with a survey of the main skills that the students wished to gain from a new extra-curricular module to enhance career-skills.


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