Session S50b (Tuesday, 2pm, Thomas 201)

P572: Pedagogical content knowledge: Capturing teachers' knowledge and practices

Krista Adams (University of Nebraska – Lincoln, USA)

The conceptual framework, pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), is useful in studying teacher knowledge and practices of a particular topic (e.g., atomic structure). Often considered an experiential knowledge, PCK involves an integrated knowledge base that is unique to its component parts. Within this framework, the assumption is that the teacher’s knowledge of the subject matter (SMK), pedagogy, and context influences the choice of activities implemented for a specific group of students. Since its introduction, there have been numerous models of PCK, though each primarily focuses on the transformation of SMK to the SMK for teaching. As PCK is a changing knowledge, teachers often participate in various professional development activities to precipitate change. Capturing this transformation is difficult because teachers are often unaware of their reasons for implementing specific instructional strategies. Researchers have addressed this difficulty by utilizing multiple data collection methods including interviews, vignettes, and prompts to capture teachers’ PCK.


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