Session S50b (Tuesday, 2pm, Thomas 201)

P575: Feminist theory: More than research on, for, or about women

Megan Grunert (Western Michigan University, USA)

Feminist theory has been used to critique the methods and institution of science, but is also a useful research tool for science educators. As with other critical theories, feminism provides a voice for underrepresented groups. The aim extends beyond generating findings: feminist research seeks to create change and improve the experiences of women. Studying the experiences of women in chemistry challenges the dominant scientific paradigm and provides insight into persistent issues regarding recruitment and retention of women in science. Feminist research methods emphasize participatory, collaborative methods, which are now accepted as “good research practice,” particularly in qualitative research. This presentation will provide an overview of feminist theory in chemical education research, outcomes of research using a feminist lens, and will conclude with an example of how it was used to design a research study.


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