Session S10 (Sunday, 2pm, Thomas 117)

P58: Go green: Using an environmentally-themed summer science program to attract and retain interest in STEM among high performing middle school students

Daniel Brennan (Broome Community College, ), Andy Cavagnetto (Binghamton University -SUNY, USA), Susannah Gal (Binghamton University -SUNY, USA), Koenraad Gieskes (Binghamton University -SUNY, USA), Wayne E. Jones Jr. Binghamton University -SUNY, USA), Roy McGrann (Binghamton University -SUNY, USA)

The Go Green Institute, an interdisciplinary collaboration of scientists, engineers, and educators serving eighteen school districts in the southern tier of New York State, started in 2008 as a way to improve the pipeline of students entering STEM disciplines for postsecondary study. The institute, which had been supported initially by New York State and subsequently by the NSF and Department of Labor, aims to improve students’ understanding of science concepts and skills related to environmental sustainability and broaden students’ perceptions of engineering, science, and math careers through a range of exciting activities that students do not experience in the traditional school setting. The resulting 10-day learning experience integrates (1) Biology/Life Science, (2) Chemistry/Physical Science, and (3) Math/Engineering by framing instruction and activities around climate change and sustainability issues. Students participate in advanced coursework in the form of interactive content sessions, field trips and guest speakers, and experiments/team projects.  In this presentation, the successes and challenges faced throughout the implementation and expansion of this program will be explored.


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