Session S53b (Tuesday, 2pm, Wartik 108)

P580: Guided Inquiry activities for an Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry Course in the GOB sequence

Julie Abrahamson (University of North Dakota, USA)

After many years of teaching GOB courses in a two-semester sequence, the value of using guided inquiry for this non-major audience was identified. Differences in GOB course content coverage from one institution to another have made it challenging to find a published resource suited to the course offered at my university.  The course has used the ACS GOB Chemistry exam for the final as an assessment tool for nine years. The compatibility of the content covered by this exam with that in the course was deemed adequate validation of topics chosen. A set of activities for use in the OB course has been developed, published and used for three years. Observations and lessons learned with the implementation of the new activities will be presented.


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