Session S51b (Tuesday, 2pm, Thomas 118)

P590: BestChoice: Using on-line homework to promote understanding of lab work

Sheila Woodgate, David Titheridge (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

BestChoice is an open-access interactive web site ( that was developed initially to support learning in large first-year Chemistry classes at The University of Auckland in New Zealand. The model underpinning BestChoice learning activities is simulation of the interchange of a student with an experienced teacher. BestChoice is innovative in its emphasis on teaching both concepts and problem-solving strategies by guiding students to interact with a web-based system that poses question sequences in ways aimed at promoting understanding.  This paper will describe innovative features of BestChoice, and its companion application BestChoice Reports, in the context of an activity that has been designed to promote understanding of the lab work involved in carrying out the hydrolysis of methyl benzoate.


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