Session S55b (Tuesday, 5:15pm, Willaman Gateway)

P597: The role of the textbook for students in organic and analytical chemistry

Kristen Simon, Thomas Pentecost (Grand Valley State University, USA)

This study is to observe and analyze how undergraduate chemistry students use their textbooks to study and learn chemistry. This work seeks to identify fundamentally different ways students interact with the text. Seventeen in-depth interviews with second and third year organic and analytical chemistry students were conducted to identify the role the text plays in student learning of chemistry. After analyzing these interviews it is clear that the instructors’ actions affect students’ textbook usage. The book is seen mostly as a back up to their professor and as a source of problems for the student. We believe we have found the various roles for the text and that we can soon begin work on a questionnaire that will measure how the students use their textbooks as they study and learn chemistry. This poster will present our analysis of the interviews and our in-depth findings of how the students view the roles of their textbook.


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