Session S1a (Sunday, 2pm, Thomas 215)

P6: Use of case study in the instrumental methods course

Debra Egolf (Marietta College, USA)

Case studies have been introduced into the instrumental methods course as a mechanism to build knowledge through both targeted investigation and open-ended problem-solving.  Student teams engage in a range of activities – problem analysis, determination of responsibilities, data collection and analysis, and reporting – to fulfill the goals of these case-based projects.  Two projects will be discussed, one focused on research and evaluation of information, and the other a laboratory-based project.  The first project, the review and recommendation of an instrument, involves students in research, criteria development, vendor discussions, and reporting.  The laboratory project, taught in a progressive fashion using aspects of the interrupted case method, engages students in development of quality control methods for testing sunscreen products.  In this paper the details of both cases will be described, and outcomes will be discussed.


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