Session S55b (Tuesday, 5:15pm, Willaman Gateway)

P625: The Ohio State University experience with ALEKS® (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces)

Ruth Kinder, Ewan Hamilton (Ohio State University – Lima, USA), Richard Spinney (Ohio State University, USA)

ALEKS® is an artificial-intelligence based learning tool.  ALEKS® first assesses the student’s incoming knowledge and reports the results of that initial assessment to the student and the instructors.  Once ALEKS® determines what an individual student knows about the course content, it provides opportunities to learn only those new topics they are ready to learn based on their current knowledge space.  General Chemistry students at The Ohio State University Lima and Columbus campuses have been using ALEKS® as a required component of their coursework since Autumn 2009 (Lima campus) and Autumn 2010 (Columbus campus).  Student performance comparisons have been made between sections with and without ALEKS® across instructors, campuses, and terms.  A measurable positive change in student success has been documented.  Students on both campuses rated ALEKS® as relatively user friendly and valuable as a learning tool. Most would recommend ALEKS® to others studying chemistry and would willingly use ALEKS again.


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