Session S56a (Wednesday, 9:30am, Osmond 101)

P631: Atoms first lecture: How to adapt to a textbook and laboratory that does not follow this order

Vickie Williamson, Elmo Mawk (Texas A&M University, USA)

The atoms first approach is growing in popularity, but most textbooks and laboratory programs do not follow this order. We have been teaching with an atoms first approach for a number of years in our large lecture courses at Texas A&M University. Combined, we have about 1200 students in most semesters. We will discuss how textbooks can be adapted to this order (we have used different books with this approach) and how learning objectives help in the adaptation. The impact of the atoms first approach on the traditional laboratory, even if the laboratory is a separate course, and how we dealt with the issue will be discussed. Data from surveys give us information about what students think of our methods and how they believe the approach impacts subsequent courses.


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