Session S57 (Wednesday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 009)


Aisling O’Connor (Fitchburg State College, USA)

A collection of instrument components was assembled to be used as teaching tools in upper level chemistry electives.  Most modern and many older instruments are just “black boxes”, but given the opportunity to see the inside of an instrument or to examine its major components greatly enhances student understanding of the way in which the instrument functions.  A series of illustrations to accompany the instrument components was also created for use in lecture and/or in student handouts.  Components from the following analytical instruments have been added to the collection to date: pH probe / meter, ion selective electrode (ISE),  UV/Vis spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS), inductively coupled plasma (ICP), gas chromatograph (GC), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and mass spectrometers (MS, various ionization sources and mass analyzers).  Results from a recent student survey on attitudes towards this new teaching tool will also be discussed.


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