Session S57 (Wednesday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 009)

P636: Teaching bioanalytical chemistry and forensic chemistry using inquiry-based strategy

Harvey Hou (Alabama State University, USA)

In the past two years, inquiry-based strategy was integrated with the traditional lecture and lab in two bioanalytical courses (Bioanalytical Chemistry, CHM 550, and Electroanalytical Chemistry, CHM 550) and one forensic chemistry class (Forensic Chemistry, FRS 664). Typically, the course design is 3-hour lecture per week to discuss the basic concepts and fundamental principles in the selected textbook, which is a core of the class to ensure the student’s complete understanding of course materials, and 3-hour lab per week to give student’s hand-on experience in using bioanalytical methodology to address a real world problem or application. Assessment for achieving the learning outcomes includes two hour exams, two oral presentations, and two formal lab report.  The emphases is placed on student’s critical thinking and problem-solving ability in the lab component. Students worked as a group to develop their experimental procedures, conducted the measurements, and submitted a laboratory report in written form following the format of a peer-reviewed journal paper. The students were highly enthusiastic, and their feedback was positive with specific suggestions and ideas for future improvement.


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