Session S57 (Wednesday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 009)

P638: Project-based learning in bioanalytical lab: Analysis of protein impurity in the drug Heparin - WITHDRAWN

Jill Robinson (Indiana University, USA)

A project based learning (PBL) approach was implemented in a large bioanalytical chemistry laboratory class at Indiana University in order to increase student engagement and improve the quality of laboratory work.  Key components of PBL and guidelines for leading students through a six phase process for problem solving will be presented.  Projects were designed to solve real problems posed by local businesses to create an environment of authentic research.  An investigation involving the determination of the accuracy and precision of a microplate protein assay necessary in quality control of the drug Heparin was developed in collaboration with Baxter Biopharma Solutions.  Details of the laboratory project, instructional adaptations needed for a PBL environment, and results of student outcomes will be discussed.


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