Session S60a (Wednesday, 9:30am, Thomas 102)

P670: Using a shocking analogy for teaching electrochemical cells

Johanna Mazlo (University of North Carolina – Greensboro, USA), Charles McLaughlin (Montana State University, USA)

Electrochemistry is a difficult topic for most students to master. Too often they develop misconceptions related to the reactions occurring at the anode and cathode, ion flow through the salt bridge, and reaction stoichiometry.  A macroview has been developed that provides a lowering of the abstract nature of an electrochemical cell without loss of content.  This hands-on learning apparatus allows students to visualize the movement of electrons as well as determine the ions present in redox reactions.  This apparatus has flexibility in that it can be used either as a lecture demonstration or in a laboratory setting.  In addition the materials required for the apparatus are readily available.


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