Session S61a (Wednesday, 9:30am, Thomas 216)

P677: Green chemistry: Phase transfer catalysis for the inorganic synthetic lab

Kurt Birdwhistell (Loyola University, USA)

We have rapidly, safely synthesized Group VI carbonyl complexes in our labs by using microwave energy and phase transfer catalysis (PTC).  This talk will discuss our current lab experiment where students synthesize several group VI carbonyl complexes of the type M(CO)4L2, where L2= dppe, dppm, dppp, 2PPh3, bpy, phen; and M=Cr, Mo, W.  We will present data on these syntheses including: microwave time and temperature, various solvents, reagents, and product results.  We will compare our data to other traditional metal carbonyl syntheses.  This lab allows us to discuss microwave synthesis and phase transfer catalysis in the context of green chemistry. We will discuss other pedagogic inorganic outcomes from the lab.


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