Session S61a (Wednesday, 9:30am, Thomas 216)

P679: Toward a green future: A general chemistry laboratory manual for a sustainable world

Deborah Exton (University of Oregon, USA)

General Chemistry is often referred to as the gateway course to the sciences and is frequently the only chemistry course that students take.  Therefore it is important to introduce the topic of green chemistry at this level, rather than waiting until the Organic Chemistry course.  This new General Chemistry laboratory manual, written with a focus on green chemistry and sustainability, modifies classic experiments in ways that minimize the use and production of hazardous chemicals, implements new experiments that are designed around the principles of green chemistry, explicitly presents key concepts related to green chemistry and sustainability, and teaches students about the connections between their studies and a sustainable future. This presentation will discuss the development of this manual, highlight the key features and provide examples of both new and modified experiments.


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