Session S11 (Sunday, 2pm, Thomas 118)

P68: Argumentation in undergraduate chemistry laboratories

Joi Walker (Tallahassee Community College, USA)

This paper presents the results of a longitudinal study into how students enrolled in a General Chemistry I laboratory course learned to engage in scientific argumentation when taught using Argument-Driven Inquiry (ADI).  ADI is an instructional model designed to give a more central place to argumentation and the role of argument in the social construction of scientific knowledge.   The development of the students’ ability to construct a scientific argument and to participate in scientific argumentation was tracked using a performance-based assessment, individual writing assignments, and video recordings of collaborative groups. The results of this study indicate significant growth in the students’ ability to both construct an argument and engage in argumentation. The research presented adds to the growing body of information demonstrating the value of instructional models that engage students in argument and critique, not only for understanding of science content but also for developing science literacy.


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