Session S61a (Wednesday, 9:30am, Thomas 216)

P682: Blending green chemistry and sustainability throughout Chemistry in Context, a text for non-science majors

Michael Cann (University of Scranton, USA)

It is clearly important that we infuse green chemistry and the broader issues of sustainability into the courses that our science majors take.  However, it is just as important that our non-scientists are exposed to these issues, for these individuals are our future teachers, politicians, business leaders, consumers, CEOs, etc. and they must also embrace green technologies and other sustainable practices.  Most efforts to bring these issues into the classroom and laboratory (to science as well as non-science students) are via highly motivated individual faculty using supplemental materials.  The majority of textbooks pay little attention to these topics. The 8th edition of Chemistry in Context and the accompanying laboratory manual (a text for non-science majors) are the exception.  The 8th edition of CiC is laden with examples of green chemistry blended into the mainstream of the text, and the topic of sustainability is also infused throughout this book.  This text, along with a major thrust by publishers to infuse sustainability throughout their entire collection of textbooks, will be discussed.


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