Session S62 (Wednesday, 9:30am, Wartik 111)

P683: Foundations of inorganic chemistry course to serve students not intending to be inorganic chemists

Gary Wulfsberg (Middle Tennessee State University, USA)

The 2008 CPT Guidelines for Bachelor’s Degree Programs specify that all certified majors take the equivalent of a one-semester “Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry” course.  The Supplement to the Guidelines lists at least double the number of inorganic topics for this course that can be covered in one semester.  Inorganic chemists naturally want to train students for graduate work in inorganic chemistry, so teach a Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry course that is very similar to the old Advanced Inorganic Chemistry.  But such a course does not provide the most relevant inorganic topics for about 75% of undergraduate chemistry majors.  We suggest that departments consider offering two alternate Foundations courses that students can choose based on their interests and career plans.  The alternate “Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry:  Aqueous and Bioinorganic Chemistry” course better meets the needs of undergraduate majors who are interested in biochemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, chemical education, medical school, pharmacy school, and so on.  The CPT has approved offering alternate versions of Foundations courses, including Inorganic Chemistry.  Not infrequently, after taking their first course in inorganic chemistry, students want to take the other course as an In-Depth Course in Inorganic Chemistry; we suggest a way to accomplish this.


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