Session S62 (Wednesday, 9:30am, Wartik 111)

P687: Implementation of an updated curriculum at California University of Pennsylvania

Kimberly Woznack, Gregg Gould, Min Li, Matthew Price, Ali Sezer (California University of Pennsylvania, USA)

The chemistry program at California University of Pennsylvania (Cal U) has been charged by the chancellor of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education with obtaining American Chemical Society (ACS) approval of our degree program.  Changes to the introductory chemistry courses began as early as 2008.  With respect to Introductory-level courses, both of our General Chemistry courses have been converted to a studio format, and we’ve added a two credit course, “Introduction to Experimental Chemistry” for chemistry majors only.  We’ve removed the lab component from some of our Foundation-level and In-depth courses and created interdisciplinary “Intermediate Lab I & II” and “Advanced I & II” sequences.  We’ve also removed the lab component from some of our In-depth courses to create an interdisciplinary, “Advanced Lab I & II” sequence.  Finally our new curriculum culminates with two semesters of undergraduate research requiring both public seminar and poster presentations in addition to the expected written laboratory report.


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