Session S64a (Wednesday, 9:30am, Mueller 008)

P696: Replacing introductory chemistry with ALEKS, an online mastery learning system - WITHDRAWN

Deborah Polo (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA)

The ALEKS web-based learning system was successfully used as an alternative to an introductory chemistry course for students who did not place into general chemistry. ALEKS has been used as electronic homework in these courses and differs from typical electronic homework systems.  ALEKS uses an artificial intelligence engine to assess each student’s knowledge base. The student is only offered topics that he or she is ready to learn based on the knowledge demonstrated in an initial assessment, moving forward as mastery is achieved on a topic. Thus, the use of ALEKS allows each student to work at his or her own knowledge level, and students who are not prepared for general chemistry use the program to fill in knowledge gaps.  Follow up on students who used ALEKS in place of introductory chemistry showed them to be well-prepared and successful in general chemistry.


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