Session S64a (Wednesday, 9:30am, Mueller 008)

P697: Using ALEKS in general chemistry as a basic skills tool

William Farina, Jr., Mary Jo Bojan (Pennsylvania State University, USA)

We have been using ALEKS as a basic skills learning tool for two years at Penn State and have assessed the effectiveness of this tool. We will present the results of our assessment including average time spent by students with the various aspects of the ALEKs system, evidence of increased success and retention, and student perceptions of how it helps their learning.  The first semester ALEKS was utilized, one lecture section (400 students) used ALEKS while 6 other lecture sections did not. All students took the same exams and we will compare the results of the different classes from that semester.  Future semesters saw wider implementation of the ALEKS system (2700 students).  Data from these semesters will be presented to establish patterns of student behavior, study skills and interaction with the ALEKS system.


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