Session S64a (Wednesday, 9:30am, Mueller 008)

P698: Evaluation of computer-based structured learning workshops: Successes, challenges and implications for general chemistry instruction

Frackson Mumba, Gary Kinsel, Ven Ney Wong (Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, USA)

In the past five years, we have used the Assessment, Review and Instructional System (ARIS) program in our Structured Learning Workshops (SLW) for general chemistry students. Teaching Assistants have been involved in the delivery phase of the SLW. This paper reports the outcomes of the evaluation of these computer-based structured Learning workshops. Data was collected through questionnaires. We have identified effective pedagogical strategies, learning successes, and challenges. We have also identified the factors that led to the successes and challenges and how the TAs and students overcame the challenges. Detailed results and implications will be presented and discussed.


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