Session S64a (Wednesday, 9:30am, Mueller 008)

P699: Use of the online graded homework system MasteringChemistry in a first-year university general chemistry course

Robert Pribush (Butler University, USA)

Proper use of a well-designed online graded homework/tutorial program can be a powerful tool in enhancing and assessing student performance.  Based on four years of experience using MasteringChemistry, this paper suggests some best practices and presents quantitative and anecdotal information about the impact of MasteringChemistry on student study behavior, attitude, and performance. MasteringChemistry was initially selected and continues to be the online graded homework system in use for several reasons, including: 1) 24 hour/7 days a week accessibility; 2) availability for use with effective textbooks; 3) extensive number, type, and difficulty level range of problems that easily correlated to textbook chapters and sections; 4) tutorial problems with hints that give Socratic feedback that develop student problem-solving skills; 5) algorithmic problems to allow classroom variation; 6) units feature that requires proper unit as well as numerical answer; 7)  international database that gives student time on task and problem level of difficulty based on student use and performance; 8 ) flexible assignment and grading control; 9) formative student and assignment assessment tools that allow comparison to the international database; 10) outcomes analysis of specific and global skills.


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