Session S64a (Wednesday, 9:30am, Mueller 008)

P701: Evaluation and assessment of the Sapling Learning system in organic and general chemistry at a small liberal arts institution

Christopher Mullins (Campbellsville University, USA)

Online homework systems have transformed the way we teach chemistry, especially at the introductory level, an obvious advantage of these systems is that they present a potential to free up instructors to focus more on coaching students in the fundamentals. This is the manner by which many of these systems are advertised. Presented here are perspectives based on the utilization of the Sapling Learning online homework system in both the two-semester organic chemistry sequence and the two-semester general chemistry sequence at a small liberal arts college. Comparison with other homework systems (including traditional pen and paper approaches) that have been used at the same institution will be presented. In addition, feedback from faculty users of Sapling Learning from similar institutions will also be solicited in order to give a broader viewpoint of its pros and cons. Strategies for future utilization across the chemistry curriculum as a means to track knowledge retention are being considered in program goals.


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