Session S12 (Sunday, 2pm, Thomas 218)

P71: Techniques for improving students' basic mathematical skills in a general chemistry setting - WITHDRAWN

Carrie Silverstein (The Pennsylvania State University, USA), Mary Bojan (The Pennsylvania State University, USA), William Farina, Jr. (The Pennsylvania State University, USA), Lori Van Der Sluys (The Pennsylvania State University, USA)

Penn State has recently begun offering an online general chemistry course.  This presents a unique opportunity to gather background data on students taking an introductory course.  The course was first offered during the summer of 2011.  We will present our experiences from this pilot regarding incoming students’ lack of certain fundamental mathematics skills including correct rounding and use of significant figures and basic algebra.  In addition we will present strategies created out of that experience, and utilized during the second iteration of the course during the summer of 2012, to decrease instructional time spent on math skills and increase students’ chances to succeed in general chemistry. We will also present student perspectives of the effectiveness of these newly-created online mathematics modules.


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