Session S25e (Wednesday, 9:30am, Thomas 104)

P711: Comparison of generational factors on the self-efficacy of women chemists at a PUI

Tori Quist, Dawn Del Carlo (University of Northern Iowa, USA)

Previous research has shown self-efficacy is a leading factor in women’s choice of majors and careers (Grunert and Bodner, 2011). Most research has focused on a small target range of women, mainly from the completion of their undergraduate degree through the very early stages of their career. This qualitative study explored the differences in self-efficacies of women from diverse generations who have chosen to pursue chemistry at a primarily undergraduate institution (PUI).  Non-self-efficacy factors that led women of different generations to choose a career in chemistry were also explored. Participants in the study included women in chemistry across generations from women just beginning their chemistry undergraduate degree to women well into their chemistry career.  These participants completed a self-efficacy survey and in-depth interview which explored past choices as well as current perceptions of the results of those choices. Results were inductively analyzed and preliminary results will be presented.


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