Session S66 (Wednesday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 013)

P713: Serving kids, both big and small: Service learning in chemistry and after-school programming

James Clark, Cathrine Reck (Indiana University, USA)

At Indiana University, the G201: Service Learning in Chemistry course partners undergraduate science majors with various after-school programs in the community.  This effort benefits the students in the course by increasing their awareness of the community, enhances their understanding of general chemistry fundamentals, develops teamwork, communication and presentation skills, and uses direct experience and reflection as a process of learning.  At the same time, the community agencies have some of their needs met, such as: extra volunteers, quality programing, and programs emphasizing science to their inquisitive and impressionable attendees.  Once partnered, students lead interactive and exciting science lessons that engage and challenge the children in their community group.  Service learning is meant to be a personal and reflective experience with the goal of developing competencies that promote the advancement of socially responsible citizenry.  The implementation and successes of this course will be discussed.


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